Welcome to Reference Engineering Inc.

Waterdraw Calibration Specialists

We offer Services throughout North America. Let us help you manage your operational risks. We offer the widest scope of services in waterdraw calibration and will direct our clients to methods that best suit their needs. We offer equipment calibrated in US customary units and/or Metric units to best suit our customer requirements.

About us

Reference Engineering Incorporated is a family run business based in the heart of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta. We provide services throughout North America, and our employees are approved, trained and eligible to work in a variety of jurisdictions.

We S.C.A.R.E. Our Customers with our Level of Service.


complying will all company and site-specific requirements

Customer Care

providing the solutions you need for success


certainty and confidence in the work performed

Reliability & Responsiveness

you can depend on us, and meet your deadlines


approaching solutions through sound application of engineering principles (might need to add more info to the landing page, or build on info from existing site)

Measurement Assurance

Protecting your production and minimizing losses.


Not all products are the same. We will help you recognize and maximize value.

Compliance Assurance

Keeping you compliant with Codes, Standards and the Regulator.


Meeting your needs, when and where you need assistance.