to Safety

At Reference Engineering, safety and operational reliability is at the heart of everything we do. Reference Engineering values the safety of clients, partners and employees and believes that all injuries and uncontrolled releases are preventable.  We want to ensure that everyone remains safe, healthy and free from harm.

Reference Engineering is committed to operating in a manner that meets or exceeds regulatory health and safety requirements and expects that all employees and contractors perform work in a safe and responsible manner.

Each of our actions is crucial to completing all operations and maintenance activities in a safe manner and we are all accountable for our actions and are responsible for our safety, the safety of our co-workers and the public.



Repeatedly ensure the safety of our clients, partners and employees

Take a proactive approach to identifying and preventing safety issues

Continually seek ways to improve safety performance


Maintain truth in all interactions

Do the right thing; do not take the easy way out

Take accountability for our actions

Follow through on commitments


Value the contributions of others

Take the time to understand the perspective of others

Treat everyone with unfailing dignity


Health & Safety Principles

Reference Engineering is committed to ensuring everyone returns home safely, and that our assets are operated in a safe manner. This commitment to safety is based on caring for employees, our clients, and the communities in which we operate and the environment.